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The Hartford Paralympic Social Media Campaign


Olympic athletes bask in glory. Paralympians—like cyclist Sam Cavanaugh—bask in blood, sweat and anonymity. Training at unholy hours. Doing things the human body—especially his—just isn’t meant to do. But mostly, showing anyone who cares to notice what the word determination truly means. In 2011, The Hartford decided it was time to shift the spotlight onto our Paralympic hopefuls. 

“Achieve Without Limits” started with a simple quid pro quo—for every “Like” The Hartford received, they’d donate $1 to help the athletes train. Then we overhauled their social presence with videos and games designed to bring people closer to the athletes. The end result: a crowd of over 100,000 people showing up to shower our Paralympic athletes with the recognition they so deserve, but would never ask for.


The Excuse Converter


Winter Paralympic Website



Owning a small business can be an adventure – especially when the unexpected happens. The choices small business owners make in those tricky situations can determine if their business fails or prevails. That’s why having the right insurance is critical. But, business owners often don’t understand the nuances around types of insurance coverages – like the difference between professional liability and general liability insurance. The Hartford asked us to help them connect with and educate a key audience for their insurance – technology business owners.


The Hartford Brand Systems Explained


The Hartford Marketing team asked me to help them create an updated brand style guide and a simple system that anyone could follow to ensure that all work is on-brand. I also had the privilege to present my work to the Hartford national marketing teams and agency partners.

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Small BizNation


We evolve this notion of the small business community in a digital world by creating a place where SBO's can connect with information and peers that can help their business succeed.


The Fearless Ones 

Small business owners are the heroes of today’s economy. The Hartford wanted to capture its own relevance to SBOs and applaud those fearless individuals, who dare to make their dreams a reality.


Prevail Campaign Landing Page


My Tomorrow


In a perfect world, nothing bad ever happens. But the world isn’t perfect. Are you covered if your world gets rocked? To answer this question we created My Tomorrow, an online education tool used to increase employee participation in voluntary benefits. It includes three main digital components for the customer enrollment experience: customized employer landing pages, a comprehensive consumer education tool and an enroller iPad app.