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Featured Project: Otis



Otis 360° View Virtual Reality Experience

Otis Elevator is a sponsor at the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) conference in mid-October 2016 in Shenzhen, China. We were asked to create a highly engaging and enjoyable experience to drive foot traffic to Otis’ program room, spotlight brand differentiators, and encourage social media sharing. We created a truly own-able experience called Otis 360° View Virtual Reality Experience, that not only transported guests to its many marque projects from around the world, but also served as a perfect extension of its brand—enabling people to move to new heights. Go from experiencing the Empire State Building to the observation deck at Shanghai World Financial Center. The experience was further enhanced by an audio tour of the views as well as interesting Otis facts. This experience is not only breath-taking, but it also highlights Otis’ global footprint.


The VR experience was so well received that we tried to extend the experience to have an online presence. The team had captured a lot of material for us to be able to further tell Otis' story of how it has enable mankind to build some of the largest structures in so many culturally diverse places from around the world. We realized that this isn't simply Otis' story, but our story as people and what we've been able to achieve through out history. This led us to discussions with the Connecticut Science Center, to see if we could create an installation that could be both educational as well as entertaining for kids. 


Otis signed up for additional locations to be captured in 2018.


The future of OTIS.com

In a highly competitive global market, Otis knows that unless their products aren't part of the initial project plans, it’s highly unlikely that they would be selected. We helped them simplify the process of choosing the right equipment, finding service contact information to meet their customers’ needs.


In regards to their audience, the experience had to be highly visual and mobile. We created several different UX concepts around a tablet friendly interface that would allow the experience to unfold when the architect or building manager would be on the project site. Of course, many of the UI elements and transitions were directly lifted off of the Otis brand and product themes.