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Delta Air Lines

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The truth about airline travel is that it…sucks! As simple and as direct as that statement is, Wieden + Kennedy's campaign idea was to be transparent about this industry truth and then to show how Delta is addressing it. Simple, honest and compelling. Our job at Digitas was to show how this platform comes to life.

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Six Continent Sabbatical

When you go out and see the world, you return with a new perspective, new ideas about your life and how you see others — and yourself. And that notion is even timelier today, as we feel a little more reflective and look for inspiration outside of our boundaries. Travel has always moved people both physically and emotionally. Now, as Delta expands its service to six continents, there’s no better opportunity to be that conduit.

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Online Service Videos

We created a series of online videos that lived on service line pages to highlighting the improvements that Delta is making. Delta grounded 3 planes for 2 days from their fleet to allow us to capture everything from the First-Class food to the leather Economy seats.


Delta Skymiles IFE / Hotel 


FastForward Your Travels


Own New York City


Delta.com Redesign